About Us

The Company

IMADE3D is based in USA and started with the need to educate people about 3D printing technology. But the idea of building a 3D printer and get involved was the main concept of the company. Building a 3D printer takes time and a lot of knowledge that common people may note have. Until JellyBOX.

Our Mission

IMADE3D Cyprus opened its doors in June 2018. As 3D printing enthusiasts, we decided that this amazing new technology should spread throughout the world.

Our Vision

Our vision at IMADE3D CYPRUS is to educate people with ‘’Learn by doing’’ and to get everyone involved in 3D Printing industry. Show to the world how to appreciate this technology and how important is for the environment and for the future industry.

Print from anywhere

With 3D printing, we have the ability to print items from anywhere, even in a store or in your home. It could significantly reduce the need to transport items, save time, save money.

For every need

We spend time and effort to find the best affordable 3d printers to suit every need from beginners to experienced to advanced.

Dream it, print it

Dream it, say it, print it. We are here to help you turn your ideas and vision to life. We take the time to understand the needs in order to find a solution to the problem. The capabilities are vast.

Our Offices

We are based in the beautiful city of Limassol, Cyprus. Our shop is located in the city center near Agia Zonis. We have different 3D printers working for our services, we test and review the ones we bring in stock. Above all, we enjoy what we do, we are passionate individuals always working together to achieve excellence. Come and say hello.

1000 + Happy Customers

1000 + Happy Customers

Our business model is customer focus, we greatly value the importance of helping our customers and being in the position of providing solutions that solve their problem. We keep on developing together with our clients.

4 Awards Won

4 Awards Won

Our own built 3D printer kit JellyBox has won four Editor’s Choice Ribbons. The entire philosophy of the company is doing by learning, a problem solver ‘platform’, where an idea can be looked at all angles of functional design. We are determine to help everyone achieve their ideas but also help them to rise up.

Start up at its best

Start up at its best

We are new you can even call us ‘’noobies’’ but we know what we do and we do it with excellence! We believe in developing ourselves we keep on learning, testing and experimenting we are not afraid to push the boundaries. We want other to believe they can achieve their dreams and its okay to make mistakes. Join us!

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