JellyBOX Original - Easy kit

Get a hands-on 3D printing experience with our workshops at your School or University.

Teachers and students should work together as a team and build a 3D printer. Why? 3D printing Education is not only for Students but for Teachers too. Everyone deserves their own path to DIY Greatness.

  • You can come to our place and learn as a team of four how to Build your own 3D printer, JellyBox.
  • We can come to your School and teach to Students and Teachers how to work in teams to Build JellyBOX.

Choose whatever fits you, as experts, we know how to adjust our Workshops to fit your needs.

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Why JellyBOX?

Why JellyBOX?

  • There is no better way to learn 3D printing in depth than to build your own machine
  • A DIY 3D printer that you build it yourself, in just 2 – 8 hours.
  • JellyBox is unique – not only fast build but design for REBUILDS 3D printer.
  • Transparent construction.
  • A “work-horse” printer
  • Affordable to maintain and easy to fix.
Award Winning JellyBOX

Award Winning JellyBOX

JellyBOX Original and JellyBOX 2 have been awarded ‘’Best For Schools’’ in the Make Magazine’s 3D printer Guide for 2017 and 2019. The 1st Year on the market and JellyBOX had already proclaimed 1st Best in the Educational Category and 10th Best 3D printer Overall.

JellyBOX is Best for

JellyBOX is Best for

  • 3D printing novices
  • Parents that need to spend quality time with their kids
  • Teachers that want to include something extra to their timetable
  • Busy people, as it is easy to maintain 3D printer
  • In-class programs
  • After-school programs
  • Summer camps
  • Team building and teamworking

Our Design Commandments

  • Make the ultimate anti-black box. All components should visible and explicitly functional. Nothing should feel off limits. Nothing should feel complicated. There is no magic here. Just science.
  • Ease of build is paramount. Most companies try to make their devices easy to use. We go a step further and make the build itself of the device as effortless and educational as possible. Plus, it must be done in mere hours.
  • Never compromise print quality. No 3D printer kit is good without being a great 3D printer as well. Focusing on ease of build must never be to the detriment of function or user experience post-assembly.


As a result of its success in schools as an educational activity, the JellyBox won in 2017 and 2019 the award for “Best for Schools” in Make Magazine’s Digital Fabrication Guide. Our colorful 3D printer it’s being recognized for years now as “Best for Education“! We are proud and we plan to remain a close partner of schools in the learning process of 3D printing secrets.

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