There is no better way to learn 3D printing in-depth than to build your own machine!!


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JellyBOX 3D printer kit is designed to be easy to build, easy to use and with a great print quality!

JellyBOX designed with Colourful zip ties that make the JellyBox, not only friendly but fast and easy to build (and ever faster to break down). Plus, any mistake is easy to undo!

Some unique features of JellyBox are the Quick release extruder, quick release build plate (Building Bed), quick release hotend, and auto bed levelling… all the conveniences to keep you printing and experimenting with less effort. All that makes JellyBOX Easy to fix and to maintain.

The Clear acrylic construction of JEllyBox allows to the user to watch everything inside working. It’s the ultimate anti-black-box. No magic here, just engineering, science, mechatronics, and programming.  Also, did we mention that JellyBox has the best wire-management?

Key Features

Unique features of JellyBox:

– Quick-release extruder

– Quick-release build plate (Building Bed)

– Quick-release hotend

– Auto bed leveling

– Safety door, fully enclosed.

– Optimised design!!

All the conveniences to keep you printing and experimenting with less effort.

It is Best for:
    • Diy novices
    • 3D printing novices
    • Families
    • Teachers
    • In-class programmes
    • After-school programs
    • Makers
    • Robotics
    • Colleges
    • Universities – Engineering, Mechatronics classes and Robotics Classes
    • Libraries
    • Summer camps
    • And finally for team buildings


Build volume X-Y-Z: 170mm x 160mm x 145mm
Printer Dimensions:  390mm x 365mm x 365mm
Print Resolution: 0.05mm – 0.3mm
Electronics: RAMPS with Arduino open hardware board with USB connection
SD Card: Untethered printing through open hardware Full Graphic Smart Controller
Filament: PLA, PETG, (flexibles, ninjaflex, ABS and many composites-using the optional heatedbed)
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Z Movement: Custom made machined ACME z-screws with lower-than-common pitch
X/Y Movement: Hardened chromed steel rods and linear bearings with GT2 belts
Print Surface: 3mm aluminium using Blue tape or use whatever you like.
Hotend:  E3D Lite6 with 20mm meltzone (Volcano upgrade).
Auto Bed Leveling:  Using proximity sensor
Motors: Nema 17 steppers
Construction: 6mm and 4mm cast laser-cut acrylic
Software: All necessary and needed software is free and open source (multiple options)
Firmware: Marlin
Power Supply: 12V/7 amps; included
Heated Bed: Optional
Wifi Print: JellyBox is made to seamlessly accommodate Astroprint and Octoprint on Raspberry Pi.

Why JellyBOX

JellyBOX has won four Editor Choice Awards from highly respected Maker Magazine in the USA and won the category “Best for Schools” in 3D printers’ shootout in 2017. In 2019 JellyBOX2 won the second award for ‘’Best for Schools’’, in the Make Magazine’s Digital Fabrication Guide!