Filament PM ABS-T – White 1kg

ABS-T : ABS with few differences: even more resistant (up to 98 °C) harder and stronger material than classic ABS

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ABS-T (akrylonitrilbutadienstyren + methyl-methacrylate) it is an ABS material enriched with MMA. It is more suitable for advanced makers. This material is very strong and heat resistant (up to 98 ° C). It is perfectly acetone-soluble. For the cohesion of the layers, it is recommended to print in a closed chamber, or with heating.

ABS-T (akrylonitrilbutadienstyren + methyl-methacrylate)
– ABS with few differences:

  • even more resistant (up to 98 °C)
  • harder and stronger material than classic ABS
  • the colors are shiny because the input material is transparent
  • more difficult to print and adhesion to the heatbed (closed chamber recommended even more)
  • more suitable for printing smaller objects


Advantages of ABS-T

Nozzle: 230 – 250 °C
Heatbed: 100 – 110 °C

✅ high heat resistance (up to 98 °C)
✅ strong and hard
✅ can be acetone vapor smoothed

❌ closed chamber


RAL: RAL 9003
Tolerance: ± 0,05 mm
Package: 1 kg
Nozzle: 230-250°C
Heatbed: 100-110°C
Diameter: ⌀ 1,75 mm



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