TPE 88 RubberJET FLEX – Metallic Green 500gr

Filament PM – TPE 88 RUBBERJet – flexible material similar to rubber!


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TPE(thermoplastic elastomer)

Thermoplastic elastomers are polymer systems that combine application properties of elastomers (flexibility, elasticity) and processing properties of thermoplastics (easier to process and recyclability). It is similar to the “rubber”. Available in two variants, which indicate the degree of elasticity: TPE 32 (less soft) and TPE 88 (softer).

TPE 32 RUBBERJet (thermoplastic elastomer)
– polyolefin-based material
– flexible material similar to rubber
– designation of input material 88A ➡ shore 72.5A / 16D (test report)
– perfectly vibration damping
– highly impact, chemical and water-resistant
– matt surface
– smooth non-stick surface pleasant to the touch
– excellently printable
– very popular material that no maker should definitely miss
– the use of this material is very wide and it is up to you and your creativity how well you use this special filament
– it is suitable, for example, for printing keychains, covers for mobile phones, tires for RC cars, and possibly other parts that are designed to be impact resistant

Why TPE88


  • Nozzle: 220 – 240 °C
  • Heatbed: 0
  • Speed: 10 – 20 mm/s
  • For better adhesion using the MAGIGOO PP glue or printing on an office, PP tape is recommended

✅ easy to print
✅ don’t clog the nozzle
✅ the flexibility of printed objects
✅ perfectly vibration damping
✅ highly impact, chemical and water resistant
✅ adhesion of layers
✅ washability
✅ excellent mechanical properties – tensile strength, abrasion resistance

❌ worse adhesion to the bed
❌ problem printing on printers with Bowden tube extrusion system (Contact us for consultation)


Tolerance: ± 0,1 mm
Package: 0,5 kg
Heatbed: 70-90°C
Nozzle: 210-230°C
Diameter: ⌀ 1,75 mm
Bed conditions: For better adhesion printing on an office, PP tape is recommended.


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